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Why Choose Us?

Competitive Price:

We strive to deliver one of the best price on the market to our clients through an extensive sourcing process in West Africa. We proceed with suppliers right from the source. There is no middleman between. However if you happen to find some raw materials of the same quality for a lower price. We would be happy to pay you the difference.

Top Quality:

Solidity Trade has been working on providing one of the highest quality raw materials in the industry. In order to reach such level, we’ve worked with the best people in the respective industry and maintain the best business relationships in order to improve and set new standards in the industry. Processes have been implemented to make sure the quality is consistent so our clients can rely on us and focus on their business manufacturing, their finished products or resell it to end customers.

Trusted Certificates:

To ensure that we obtain some high quality products. Solidity Trade is making sure to work with the right people in the industry to certify our products before we sell it to our clients. We are working with the American Shea Butter Institute to grade the quality of our unrefined shea butter in the United States. We have worked with the company ECOCERT to audit the Shea Butter Village in order to obtain the National Organic Program label from the United States Department of Agriculture in 2009. Eventually, we are working with the company SGS for lab test on our products to release a technical data sheet. You can download some of these documents by clicking : here ASBI, ECOCERT, NOP USDA, SGS TDS and ST Material Safety Data Sheet.

Fast and Reliable Delivery:

Solidity Trade has been partnering with great logistics businesses. We’re working with the company UPS in order to provide the fastest and most reliable shipment possible. Solidity Trade commits to deliver your order within 4-5 business days in the United States and Canada with our warehouse in Toronto and Chicago.

Long Credit Terms:

Solidity Trade understands the importance of working capital for our clients. We have tailored solutions so our clients can improve their working capital and grow faster. We provide to our clients with a good purchasing tracking record substantial credits terms allowing them to have a better cash position. The credit terms can go up to 90 days.

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