stst, 11 May 2012 11:22:58 GMT Benefits of Unrefined Shea Butter<div style="text-align: center;"><img alt="" width="546" height="373" style="border: 0pt none ;" src="/Shea Butter/SheaButter-main.jpg" /><br /> </div> <br /> <div style="text-align: justify;">Shea butter has many considerable health and beauty benefits, something Africans have known for many years ago.&nbsp; For centuries, it has been used in countries such as Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso and other parts of Africa.&nbsp; It has already been added to many cosmetic products and has become a leading product throughout the market, from health food stores and from online distributors. <br /> <br /> African women used shea butter for so many years to protect and rejuvenate their hair and skin. It works as a medicine to heal wound burns, sores, scars, dermatitis, psoriasis, dandruff, and stretch marks and skin rashes. It contains vitamins A and E, unsaponifiable, a type of fat and other fatty acids that are efficient in moisturizing the skin, help in cell regeneration, increase circulation and diminish wrinkles. It is a natural moisturizer in protecting our skin from sun rays and retaining skin moisture and elasticity. <br /> <br /> It also provides moisture for dry, damaged or brittle hair from the roots to tips and restores the luster of your hair. It also penetrates rapidly and entirely into the scalp to rehydrate without blocking pores.<br /> <br /> The high fatty acid content makes it an excellent additive to cosmetics, soaps, anti-aging creams, lotions, hair care products and massage oils&mdash;its soft, butter-like texture melts readily into the skin. <br /> <br /> Shea Butter is an all natural product that can vary widely in quality, appearance and smell with regards to where it was produced from and how it was refined or extracted. Shea Butter becomes more yellowish it becomes older. The natural smell of shea can be a bit offensive and stinky, though the aroma vanishes once it has been applied to your skin within minutes. Ultra-refined and refined shea butter is also available. These types have a satisfying scent, shade, and consistency, although the refining process may diminish the vitamin potency.&nbsp; You can acquire well refined Shea Butter that has been de-odorized and filtered through clay.&nbsp; Unrefined shea oil is original and directly from nature. On the other hand, refined oil is bleached but has some of its original components intact, whereas processed or industrialized shea oil was stripped off from its natural components. <br /> <br /> Some products of Shea butter produced contain a significant amount of potentially irritating additives, such as hexane and very little real shea butter. Also, it is manufactured in various prices and types. We should make sure that we have selected the right product before choosing it.<br /> </div>, 01 Nov 2010 15:08:00 GMTGet the Best! 100% Unrefined Shea Butter<div style="text-align: justify;"> <div style="text-align: center;"><img alt="" width="543" height="342" style="border-style: none; border-width: 0pt;" src="/Shea Butter/shea-butter-soap_lo3o.jpg" /><br /> </div> <br /> <br /> Shea butter has become a well known product all over the world in recent times. However it is not a new term for African people. The benefits of shea butter are well known to African people from a long time. Shea butter is used to enhance the beauty of skin and hair by many African people from many decades. Now it is available worldwide and is used as a moisturizer or salve in cosmetics.<br /> <br /> Unrefined Shea butter is an ivory or yellow colored fat extracted by crushing and boiling the seeds obtained from Shea-karite trees. Shea trees are only found in Africa though the product is now being used by entire world. The production of unrefined shea butter is done within 24 hours so as to maintain fresh and healthy shea butter. <br /> <br /> First the nuts are collected from shea trees and then rinsed and washed numerous times with clean hot water. Any possible surface molds or oils emitted by bad nuts will be removed by this process.&nbsp; After cleaning the nuts, there are kept in hot sun to get dried up. All the wet nuts are allowed to dehydrate which enables us to remove the bad or black nuts. Good nuts are isolated and used to produce shea butter thereby ensuring the production of quality shea butter.<br /> <br /> After the good nuts are identified and separated, they are crushed to smaller pieces with the help of crushing machines and then poured into a roaster to be roasted for 30 minutes. Later they are taken our and allowed to cool for about 20-30 minutes. After cooling for some time, they are milled into fine paste with milling machine.<br /> <br /> Shea nut paste is then mixed with cold water and churned with hand to make it smooth and uniform. It is made into smooth texture by continuing to churn and add cold water time to time. The paste is vigorously mixed till the fat starts to break away from the cake. At this point hot water is added slowly to the paste and the fat melts and is separated from the paste. The amount of time between crushing and heating decides the quality of unrefined shea butter. The paste is mixed more vigorously till the emulsion breaks out. Maintaining warm temperature is essential to keep it in semi solid state. Cold water is mixed in large amounts to make the paste oily and scum. After stirring it for long time the fat floats on the cold water and separated and boiled and melted. The liquid fat is filtered through a micro film and then allowed to solidify. It is then weighed and sealed with industrial vacuum cleaner, placed into air tight bags and sent for export.<br /> <br /> Unrefined Shea butter is an important natural moisturizer and provides numerous benefits for us. It is used mostly in cosmetics. It also works as a medicine to heal wound and burns. It helps in cell regeneration and used to cure skin rashes. It is a natural moisturizer in protecting our skin from sun rays. The benefits of 100% unrefined shea butter are unlimited which made it a hot product all over the world.<br /> </div>!_100%2525_Unrefined_Shea_Butter%252f!_100%_Unrefined_Shea_Butter/Mon, 01 Nov 2010 03:44:00 GMTCenturies Old Treasure: Shea Butter History<p style="text-align: center;"><span style="font-size: 12pt; line-height: 115%; font-family: arial;"><img alt="" width="529" height="335" src="/Shea Butter/sheabutter8.jpg" style="border: 0pt none ;" /><br /> </span></p> <div style="text-align: justify;">Traditional uses of shea butter are being preserved today, despite its popularity throughout the world.&nbsp; African continent has been using shea for centuries and is entirely enmeshed within the history and culture of the West African wooded savanna. <br /> <br /> Shea butter is mentioned in nearly all documents of African history and has always been attached to African pharmacology. Also,&nbsp; it is included in references tackling Cleopatra, which mention caravans bearing clay jars of shea butter for cosmetic purposes and where funeral beds of kings were carved in wood of old shea butter trees.<br /> Commonly known as Karit&eacute;, Shea Nut Tree (butyrospermum parkii) is the common source of shea nut butter growing in the western part of Africa- Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso and other Savanna Regions of West Africa. <br /> <br /> After 20 years, the shea butter tree bears fruit and produces a full crop after 45 years living up to two centuries, and can reach a maximum height of 15 to 20 meters.&nbsp; It blooms from June to July, cannot be cultivated and bears dark green fruits which fall to the ground when ripe. Each fruit contains a nut with a solid white kernel which is the source of the Shea Butter. It has been the practice for centuries in Ghana for a prayer to be offered before making shea butter to thank Mother Nature for providing the shea butter tree and to show respect for collecting the shea butter tree's fruit.<br /> <br /> Various families in West Africa have their own traditional ways of making shea nut butter depending on the process passed down from generations. The essential process of making shea butter, done by hand, is similar in most families and has been practiced for centuries. Shea nuts are collected, cracked, grilled and crushed to extract the butter. It is then boiled in water for hours until the shea nut butter rises to the surface. It is then scooped into gourds, left to cool and set. Although mass shea butter cannot be produced by this procedure, it is still the efficient method to extract because there is no need for chemicals or synthetic agents to be added to extract the shea nut butter. <br /> <br /> Aside from cosmetics, African shea butter was used for many other purposes before it was introduced to the world.&nbsp; Karite shea butter was used for centuries to treat patients and during certain traditional ceremonies shea butter is used to prepare certain dishes and for spiritual cleansing.<br /> <br /> Shea butter has been also studied as an anti-inflammatory cream, and helpful in treating arthritis, rheumatism, nasal decongestant, eczema, dermatitis and heal bruising and soreness.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> Shea butter can be used for all forms of massage, used as an excellent base for the addition of essential oils for smooth and most therapeutic deep tissue work. And it is an essential ingredient in beauty products and soaps, lotions, moisturizers and hair care solutions and is efficient in diminishing wrinkles.<br /> <br /> Now shea butter attracts the interest of cosmetic companies more and more, as they aim to acquire their share of the shea butter market. As more and more companies choose this line of product, consumers are being presented with more and more choices relating to shea butter. Do not be confused or misled. Not all karate shea butter are similar.<br /> <br /> </div>, 01 Nov 2010 03:48:00 GMTReap the benefits of Unrefined Shea Butter<div style="text-align: center;"><strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><img alt="" width="478" height="319" src="/Shea Butter/394538-23724-2.jpg" style="border: 0pt none ;" /></span></strong><br /> </div> <div style="text-align: justify;"> <br /> <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;"> Reap the benefits of 100% Unrefined Shea Butter </span></strong><br /> <br /> &nbsp;The most popular term in the cosmetics industry in recent times is Shea Butter. Be it skin moisturizing, enhancing the beauty, strengthening of &nbsp;hair or medicine for burns and wounds, unrefined shea butter is the ultimate choice for every one now. Shea butter is a new and exciting product for many people. However it is not a new product for Africans. Unrefined shea butter is being used by African people from decades to enhance and nourish their skin and hair. Cocoa butter is also similar to shea butter. However shea butter, with its amazing features, has an edge over cocoa butter. <br /> <br /> <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>&nbsp;Preparation of 100% unrefined Shea Butter: </strong></span><br /> <br /> &nbsp;Shea butter is a product extracted from the nuts of Shea-karite trees found in Africa. On an average, it takes 20-25 years for these trees to bear fruit. The preparation of unrefined shea butter is done in a traditional way. The nuts collected from Shea-karite trees are rinsed and washed several times with hot water till the surface molds or any oils emitted by some bad nuts are removed. Then the nuts are kept in hot sun to get dried up. Good nuts are separated from bad nuts. These good nuts are broken into smaller pieces, roasted and crushed in a miller for 20-30 minutes. The roasted material becomes a thick paste after getting cooled. At this stage, the paste is churned till it becomes smooth and uniform. The paste is then mixed vigorously till the emulsion breaks and the fat moves away from the cake. At this stage, hot water is added to the paste mixed so that the fat becomes free from the cake. This is an important step in the preparation of unrefined shea butter. Then it is mixed and kneaded till the mixture becomes light and soft. Large quantities of cold water are mixed in this stage which results in an oily grey scum. At the end, fat is gathered from the surface of the water and boiled and melted. It is filtered through a micro film into a plastic bowl and allowed for cooling. The solidified material is then inspected, weighed and sealed with vacuum sealer and sent for packing. <br /> <br /> <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>&nbsp;How to check the quality of 100% unrefined Shea Butter? </strong></span><br /> <br /> The quality of 100% unrefined shea butter can be checked to some extent with the color and smell of shea butter. The color is dependant on the color of nuts used. Good unrefined shea butter is creamy to grayish yellow in color and has a natural smell, sometimes a light smokey aroma. If there is no smell, then it might be turning bad. Bad shea butter changes its color to white and some times gives bad odor. However we cannot determine the quality of shea butter with color alone. For accurate quality, we need to check it in the laboratory. <br /> <br /> <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Shelf of Life: </span></strong><br /> <br /> &nbsp;100% unrefined shea butter needs to be packed in air tight container and stored away from water, heat or sunlight. &nbsp;It can be stored at normal room temperature and has a shelf life of 12-18 months. <br /> <br /> <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Benefits of 100% unrefined shea butter:</span></strong><br /> <br /> The benefits of 100% unrefined shea butter are being enjoyed by African women from decades and recently the whole world came to know about this amazing product. Shea butter is a huge bonus for cosmetics industry. Shea butter cream can be used to smoothen and nourish the skin and hair. It is the best natural moisturizer available in the market. It is a great medicine for rashes and wounds and dryness of skin. Shea butter cream is absorbed into the skin very quickly and does not give us any greasy feeling. It protects our skin from UV rays of sun. It also relieves pain for swelling and arthritis. On the whole, unrefined shea butter has become the hottest product in cosmetics and medicine, owing to its numerous benefits to mankind. </div>, 01 Nov 2010 03:42:00 GMTST Organic Unrefined Shea Butter Fall Brochure 2009 Released!<div style="text-align: justify;">Solidity Trade has released it's Fall 2009 informational brochure containing important information about or Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, including our pricing and certification. Please feel free to click on the following link to take a look at our brochure: <a href="">ST Brochure Fall 2009 Organic Unrefined Shea Butter</a> <blockquote>"Bringing new solutions to old problems in the shea butter industry market."</blockquote></div>, 01 Nov 2010 03:54:00 GMTAugust 2009 ASBI Shea Butter Certificate<div style="text-align: justify;">Last August, some new tests have been conducted with the ASBI to track the quality of the unrefined shea butter we&rsquo;ve imported from the Shea Butter Village in Tamale. Solidity Trade has been striving to make sure that the quality will improve or remain consistent over time. The test release shows that the unrefined shea butter that we have imported on our second container has been graded B. Please feel free to click on the following link to take a look at our certification:<br /> <a href="">August 2009 ASBI Shea Butter Certificate</a> </div>, 01 Nov 2010 03:55:00 GMTSolidity Trade Partners with Sekaf Ghana LTD<div style="text-align: justify;">Below is a press release on the partnership between Solidity Trade and Sekaf. Sekaf Ghana LTD, a Ghanaian company specializing in production of organic and conventional shea butter and manufacturing of the shea product line, Tama, has announced the inception of a long-term business partnership with Solidity Trade. Solidity Trade is a US-based marketing and venture capital firm working with various institutions to secure trade relationships with West African commodities, particularly in the agro-sector. The formal collaboration represents a seamless convergence of the companies&rsquo; paralleling missions to address poverty in West Africa with market orientated solutions that develop the creative entrepreneurial capacities of the local people and their economies. While enabling Sekaf to primarily occupy in its core operations, the production of a cosmetic grade shea butter and development of shea based beauty and personal care products, Solidity Trade acts as the effective marketing force needed to give the company its global reach into the most competitive of markets. Managing director of Sekaf, Senyo Kpelly, started negotiations with Solidity Trade&rsquo;s CEO, Lam Tran, in 2008 under a mutual recognition of the critical role of the shea industry in bringing about profitable and responsible development to the region. The two met again while presenting at the International Shea Conference held in Ouagadougou earlier this year and finally discussed the formalization of a long term partnership in March 2009. A Memorandum of Understanding was therefor signed in March 2009 signifying a contractual relationship for coordination of their professional efforts. The quantifiable benefits of this partnership are evident, where Sekaf's shea butter exports have increased threefold in this time. On the topic of partnership, Sekaf&rsquo;s Senyo Kpelly says, &ldquo;This is a strategic move on the part of Sekaf to expand our operations originating at the community level, create more jobs and increase our production capacities to be more competitive in the global marketplace. Working with Solidity Trade is a perfectly complimentary match to realize our future growth. We aim to be an industry leader that can help educate the consumer base on issue of shea quality, a factor we believe is critical in defining the future of Africa&rsquo;s shea butter industry&rdquo;. Mr. Tran of Solidity Trade similarly recognizes the significance of this relationship in the global shea butter industry and the potential impact it can have on west African economies. His statement regarding the partnership with Sekaf is below: "By linking the international markets with West African producers, SEKAF revealed to be an excellent source in the industry of shea butter and allows Solidity Trade to change the image of the West Africa by providing top notch quality shea butter to the world. The growth over the last year has been tremendous. The skills that we brought to SEKAF was a perfect match with Solidity Trade in terms of cooperation among the decision makers. This match is critical in reshaping the shea butter industry and create more jobs every year and reduce the poverty in the rural areas of West Africa." The partnership is indeed an ambitious step forward for Sekaf and Solidity Trade, and a hopeful representation for the forward progression of the larger shea industry itself. </div>, 01 Nov 2010 03:56:00 GMTOrganic Certification Achieved!<div style="text-align: justify;">The Solidity Trade team is proud to announce that we have successfully received <strong>organic certification</strong> of our Shea Butter Village, inspected and issued by the ECOCERT organic inspection company. This excellent news will enable us to bring more opportutnities to the cooperative in Tamale, Northern Ghana. As the financial sponsor of the Shea Butter Village, Solidity Trade is continuing to pursue a strong partnership with SEKAF Ghana, which has been responsible for the supervision of the organic certification and are is now aiming for the next milestone: Fair Trade Certification. Over the past year, we've witnessed a strong call for organic-oriented produce from the market and possessing such a certification will help ensure the quality, transparence, and traceability of our products to our buyers. Unrefined shea butter is a great product that is gaining increased recognition across the globe. This certification will certainly spur the growth of the Shea Butter Village cooperative and enable us to create hundreds more jobs in that region over the course of the next few months. To download our organic certificate, <a href="">please click here</a>. </div>, 01 Nov 2010 03:58:00 GMTEast Asian Developments: A Beginning<div style="text-align: justify;">During summer 2009, the Solidity Trade team made efforts to establish new business relationships throughout the East Asian region. The aim of this mission was to expand into new markets that have positive growth potential and could help increase our global reach. In fact, Asian countries such as Korea have their own set of specific requirements and rules which differ significantly from the United States. Nevertheless, Solidity Trade is proud to announce that it has made its first sale in Korea and has started to establish an Asian distribution network in Korea and China and soon a new distribution network aimed at the Japanese market. Thanks to these new developments, we will be able to distribute and increased amount of unrefined shea butter to these countries by shipping full containers on a regular basis to supply our warehouse in 2010. </div>, 01 Nov 2010 03:58:00 GMT21usagesThis item has no description. Follow link to view item., 30 May 2010 16:18:00 GMTThe 21 Uses and Advantages of Shea Butter<div style="text-align: center;"><img alt="" width="522" height="364" src="/Shea Butter/Shea butter 2.jpg" style="border: 0pt none ;" /><br /> </div> <div style="text-align: justify;"><br /> The color of unrefined shea butter depends on the types of shea nuts used: in general, shea nuts will vary in color from near-white to yellow. The 21 uses and advantages of unrefined shea butter include the following: <ol> <li>Skin dryness</li> <li>Skin cracking</li> <li>Rough skin on the feet</li> <li>Shedding of the skin after sun tanning</li> <li>Skin damage due to the sun</li> <li>Skin damage due to heat</li> <li>Protection against the cold</li> <li>Cold bites</li> <li>Skin imperfections and wrinkles</li> <li>Skin itchiness and inflammation</li> <li>Skin rashes</li> <li>Skin allergies</li> <li>Eczema</li> <li>Dermatitis</li> <li>Superficial wounds</li> <li>As a soft shaving cream</li> <li>Prevention of stretch marks</li> <li>Bites</li> <li>Skin cleansing</li> <li>Muscle problems</li> <li>Before and after exercises</li> </ol> Shea butter primarily comes from the West African region, however there are increasing varieties in East Africa coming to market that are softer and smoother than the West African varieties. </div>, 01 Nov 2010 03:52:00 GMTSourcing New Funds to Refine Shea Products in Africa<div style="text-align: justify;">Solidity Trade is currently sourcing some new funds in order to optimize its value chain. The aim of this fundraising effort is to increase both the quality and the quantity of shea butter produced. We are working diligently to reinforce the value and efficiency of each of our business in order to facilitate the entire production process. In lieu of refining shea butter in Europe (a model that most companies have followed), Solidity Trade has decided to refine its products directly in the areas where they are produced. Refining products at the source implies an important investment of both time and energy to make the project a success. By bringing investment to the source, Solidity Trade hopes to create numerous jobs and establish a need for a more qualified workforce. Solidity Trade has also decided not to use hexane nor acetone &ndash; chemical solvents used to extract butter from shea nuts and for fractionation. Hence, both the production and the refinement processes will remain completely organic and will not pose a risk to the environment. Solidity Trade values the idea of quality over quantity and strives to adopt the best industry practices to satisfy our customer&rsquo;s expectation. Our strategy of value chain optimization is highlighted by the following features: increased market reactivity, the ability to considerably increase or decrease production to respond to demand, adapt our product to the needs of the market, This strategy will not only render our production more efficient and flexible to market demands, but it will also enable us to diversify our product offering. Shea butter is just a beginning and we do hope to be able to produce a variety of oils and butters. At Solidity Trade, our vision is to be present during every step of the production process, from when shea nuts are harvested from the field, to the time our customers are applying the product to their skin. </div>, 01 Nov 2010 04:01:00 GMTASBI Shea Butter Certification May 2009 <div style="text-align: justify;"><img width="262" height="300" class="rightb" title="_dsc7618" alt="_dsc7618" src="" />Earlier this month, Solidity Trade Co-Founders Lam Tran and Fabien Nervais met with Dr. Hunter from the <a href="">American Shea Butter Institute</a> (ASBI) in Atlanta to obtain the results of a Shea Butter quality assessment offered by the organization. During grade analysis, a number of tests are performed to determine the level of important ingredients and various other measures to assess quality. The Shea butter is then graded and scored based on these results. Solidity Trade's first container of Shea Butter achieved Grade B certification and <strong>scored "excellent" in 30 of the 33 metrics</strong> used during the testing process. Solidity Trade and its affiliated partners are dedicated to continually improving quality and look forward to further working with ASBI to test and certify our Shea butter. To view and download a copy of the report please click the following link: <a href="">May 2009 ASBI Certificate</a></div>, 01 Nov 2010 04:01:00 GMTSolidity Trade Introduces New Product: Shea Oil<div style="text-align: justify;">After working on several months on shea butter, <a href="">Solidity Trade</a> team has chosen to broaden its product lines for the Northern American market and will be delivering to its customers shea oil for cosmetic purpose. Cosmetic Shea Oil is a new product of SEKAF GHANA and<a href=""> Solidity Trade</a> partnership. The product will be launched in July 2009 and you can soon order some samples on <a href="">Solidity Trade</a> website. Here are more information about shea oil : Chemical properties : <ul> <li>High content of Diglyc&eacute;rides</li> <li>High content of unsaponifiables</li> <li>High content of Triterpen alcool esters (St&eacute;rols esters )</li> <li>Excellent moisturizer and emollient</li> <li>Easy to include in cosmetic formulations </li> <li>Lower molecular weight</li> <li>High composition in Essential Fatty Acids (EFA)</li> </ul> Shea Oil is an excellent alternative to the semi-solid Shea butter in many types of cosmetic formulation for many types of cosmetic products. Shea Oil helps to protect the epidermis and maintain the integrity of the stratum corneum, thanks to its composition in Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), vitamins and unsaponifiable (7-8%) matters. Shea oil is also has a good moisturizing and skin softening effect generally associated with Shea butter. Shea Oil can be used as an active carrier for skin care emulsions because of its lower molecular weight. The liquid physical character of Shea Oil makes it easy to formulate with, there is no need for handling solids and heating to melt the ingredient before use. Because Shea Oil is liquid at room temperature, it can be used in cold-process formulations. Shea Oil is has a good stability versus oxidation. This character helps lower the levels of anti-oxidants contained in the finish products.Shea Oil is also a good emollient for anhydrous products where the high level of bioactive shea unsaponifiables can contribute to skin repair and soothing action. <strong>Applications</strong> Shea Oil is a good emollient and moisturizer in all types of skin care creams and lotions. The liquid character makes it easy to formulate emulsions with no adverse crystallization effects and a high content of the Shea butter unsaponifiables. Shea Oil can be used in the following application: <ul> <li>Facial care</li> <li>Body care</li> <li>Sun-care and sunscreens</li> </ul> Shea Oil can also be used as a liquid emollient in anhydrous products ranging from body butters to lip balms and colour cosmetics. Shea Oil is also a good ingredient for hair care applications where 0.5-1 % addition in a conditioner may help to improve gloss and moisture retention in the hair. </div>, 01 Nov 2010 04:02:00 GMTShea Conference 2009 <div style="text-align: justify;">During the 3 days conference, <a href="">Solidity Trade</a> had the chance to present its company to the participants in Ouagadougou. The theme of the conference was Optimization of the Value Chain. During the presentation our CEO was demonstrating how <a href="">Solidity Trade</a> was trying to optimize the value chain to capture more value for the African women in poor rural areas in West Africa. <br /> <br /> <div style="text-align: center;"><object width="400" height="250" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data=""> <param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /> <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /> <param name="src" value="" /></object> <br /> </div> You can take a look at <a href="">Solidity Trade</a> presentation and following the presentation at the same time by clicking here : <a href="">Shea Value Conference Presentation</a></div>, 01 Nov 2010 04:03:00 GMT